Pvc Laminated Gypsum Ceiling Tiles

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pvc laminated gypsum ceiling tiles
pvc laminated gypsum ceiling tiles

Pvc Laminated Gypsum Ceiling Tiles are frequently preferred thanks to its many advantages. Pvc Laminated Gypsum Ceiling Tiles, the favorite product of 2021, attract the appreciation of the users with their elegance and the spaciousness they add to the environment. These ceiling models, also known as Pvc Laminated Gypsum Ceiling Board, are frequently preferred in places such as shopping malls, universities, workplaces, airports and hospitals. Let’s take a closer look at it.

What is PVC Ceiling Gypsum Ceiling Tiles?

pvc laminated gypsum ceiling board
pvc laminated gypsum ceiling board

Pvc Laminated Gypsum Ceiling Tiles are gypsum panels covered with PVC film on the front and aluminum foil on the back. Edge bands on the sides of these gypsum panels increase the moisture and water resistance of the product. Karopan suspended ceiling models have many advantages. So what are these advantages? Let’s see it all together.

What Are Advantages Of Pvc Laminated Gypsum Ceiling Boards?

PVC Faced Gypsum Board for Ceiling 595 595
PVC Faced Gypsum Board for Ceiling 595 595

1. Since Pvc Laminated Gypsum Ceiling Panels, whose front surface is covered with PVC vinyl, are highly resistant to moisture and water. Cleaning and maintenance processes are extremely easy. You will not encounter a negative situation such as moisture.

2. The fact that the back surface is covered with aluminum foil increases the durability of the product.

3. The surfaces of the gypsum panels covered with PVC vinyl prevent the attachment of bacteria and create a healthy environment.

4. The surface covered with PVC, plastic polymers, is also extremely resistant to fire.

5. The operations of these panels, which are very easy to assemble and disassemble, can be done quickly without requiring a master.

6. On a ceiling which uses  Pvc Laminated Gypsum Ceiling Panel, it may be necessary to make installation processes such as electricity. In this case, the panels can be easily removed, or they can be mounted back to the same place afterwards.

7. The strong and high quality of the gypsum panels used will increase the resistance of the product against impact and provide a long-lasting use.

8. Gypsum Ceiling Panels, which are more economical compared to other ceiling models, are budget-friendly.

9. Gypsum Ceiling Tiles with countless patterns and models can be chosen according to the space you will use and make the environment in which they are used an eye-catching.

10. Gypsum Ceiling models, which have many advantages in terms of human health, can be used safely for a lifetime.

Gypsum Ceiling Tiles Sizes

pvc laminated gypsum ceiling tiles
pvc laminated gypsum ceiling tiles

Pvc laminated gypsum ceiling tiles sizes are generally 595x595mm or 600x600mm. But some customer demans bigger size of gypsum ceiling tiles. We can also manufacture these sizes.

Are Pvc Gypsum Ceiling Tiles safe?

Pvc gypsum ceiling tiles are safe and long term products. They are water proof and montage to the ceiling by tgrid suspending systems. They are easy to install and clean.

pvc gypsum ceiling tiles designs

Pvc Laminated Gypsum Ceiling Tile models, which can be found in different colors and designs, are frequently preferred due to their advantages and the ease of use they provide. There are tens of hundreds of different models and colors in gypsum ceiling models. But every country perefer diffferent patterns and different colors accordint to their culture preferences. So each coutnry has mostly use only tens of different colors or pattents in theri region.

Among the most widely used gypsum ceiling tiles models, the world pattern, flecked pattern and plain white pattern models stand out. These models, which add a luxurious atmosphere to every place where they are applied with their simplicity, elegance and eye-catching, manage to attract the admiration of the users as well as the viewers.

In addition to these frequently preferred classic models, there are various patterns for those who want to make a difference. Unlike the patterns created by combining different geometric patterns, it is possible to find models inspired by nature such as branches, leaves and tree trunks.

Our company can manufacture different colors or patterns according to the demand and preferences of customers from other countries.

Pvc Laminated Gypsum Ceiling Tiles Near Me?

We are manufacturer and exporter of pvc laminated gypsum ceiling tiles. If you are final consumers to apply gypsum tiles to your home or Office, please contact with your regional supplier. If you are big buyer and importer please feel free to contact with us.

Whats Is The Cost Of Gypsum Ceiling Tiles?

The pvc laminated gypsum board prices are differentiated region by region, country by country. Also cost of gypsum ceiling tiles are changing daily basis, depend on cost of raw materials and shipping costs. But we generally can say that cost of it acceptable and can purchase by every person from different income level.

What Is Pvc Laminated Gypsum Ceiling HS Code?

For learning hs code of lvc laminated gypsum ceiling boards, please directly contact with us. We will be happy to help you.


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