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pvc laminated gypsum ceiling tiles
pvc laminated gypsum ceiling tiles

Pvc laminated gypsum ceiling tiles are unlike other ceiling systems. PVC laminated on the front of gypsum board and aluminum foil is on the back.

Pvc laminated gypsum ceiling systems are advantageous and have different usage areas.

Especially it is suspended ceiling, thanks to the vinyl laminated gypsum ceiling tiles on the front surfaces; It provides great convenience in terms of cleaning and maintenance.

Thanks to the aluminum foil coating on the back surfaces of the gypsum suspended ceiling boards; The moisture resistance of the panel is increased, ensuring a long life.

pvc laminated gypsum ceiling board
pvc laminated gypsum ceiling board

PVC laminated gypsum ceiling tiles, which provides a very comfortable use in terms of human health, is easily used in every area.

Thanks to the coatings designed for the front and back parts, as well as long-lasting use; It also ensures the removal of harmful substances.

Vinyl foil on the front and aluminum foil on the back; gypsum board provides sound insulation and high moisture resistance of suspended ceiling surfaces.

pvc laminated gypsum ceiling tiles designs are easily cleaned and maintained thanks to the vinyl coating on the surface of their plates.

PVC Faced Gypsum Board for Ceiling 595 595
PVC Faced Gypsum Board for Ceiling 595 595

In addition, thanks to the coatings on the surface of the gypsum ceiling tiles; harmful agents and bacteria derivatives are kept away from the plates.

Karopan suspended ceiling plates that are mounted by sitting in T-24 carrier systems; Thanks to its modular feature, it provides easy access to the installation system on the ceiling if needed.


Gypsum ceiling tiles are mostly preferred thanks to the fast and easy installation of the suspended ceiling models.

Gypsum suspended ceiling models; Thanks to the T-15, T-24 channel carrier systems, a modern suspended ceiling appearance is obtained.

Especially in humid and steamy environments such as kitchens and dining halls; Suspended ceilings are also preferred in wet places such as bathrooms and toilets.

Gypsum suspended ceiling models with various surface coating options attract attention with their economical and stylish features.

Gypsum suspended ceiling boards are products that can be preferred in environments where hygienic space is required as well as suspended ceilings in wet spaces.

The most prominent feature among the general features of gypsum suspended ceiling models; suspended ceiling products T24 channel carrier models provide a decorative suspended ceiling appearance.

Our application of this product is both easy and durable.

Thanks to the PVC coating on the surface of gypsum ceiling boards; While it is easy to clean, the aluminum foil coatings on the back are resistant to water and moisture.

In addition, this product models that can be disassembled; It is easily used in the maintenance and repair of mechanical and electrical installations.

The panels of the gypsum ceiling tiles add visual richness to the applied projects thanks to the variety and pattern alternatives in the surface coatings.

Gypsum suspended ceiling models that allow applications such as ventilation and lighting to be carried out easily; it also significantly facilitates its mechanical maintenance.

Pvc laminated Gypsum ceiling tiles are also frequently preferred as alternative solutions for places such as humid bathrooms and toilets.

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