pvc gypsum ceiling tiles

13 Reasons Why We Have To Prefer Competitive Gypsum Ceiling Tiles

Pvc laminated gypsum ceiling tiles are a generally preferred materials for ceiling decoration. Today I will try to explain to you why we should choose the gypsum ceiling tiles.

Gypsum board is a sheet produced from gypsum powders. It is also known as drywall, plaster board, gypsum board. We also use it as plasterboard wall and ceiling filling material.

Pvc laminated gypsum ceiling tiles are different products used in ceiling decoration. Use the adhesive to the front surface of the drywall sheet. And laminate PVC film (vinyl) on its front surface. And use the adhesive to the back surface. And laminated the aluminum foil on it. Then we cut the boards in the size of 595x595mm. Each plate is approximately 0.36 m2. Each box usually contains 10 sheets. Each box is approximately 3.6 m2.

The pvc film (vinyl) adhered to the surface of the tile has very different patterns. Factories produced more than 500 different patterns. Each country prefers a few of these patterns depending on its culture. And the preference of the final users.


pvc laminated gypsum ceiling tiles
pvc laminated gypsum ceiling tiles

Gpsum Ceiling Tiles have many advantages. Some of these are as follows.

  1. It is resistant to moisture: The front surface of the ceiling tile is covered with a pvc film. The back surface is covered with alu foil. Thus, it is resistant to the moisture.
  2. Easy to clean: PVC film is a very easy-to-clean material. Thus, you can wipe it with a wet cloth and restore it to its original.
  3. Easy to install: The size of the ceiling tile is 595x595mm. So it is very light. It can be easily mounted on tgrid ceilings. And it can be easily dismantled. So, it is also very easy to clean.
  4. We can assemble electrical devices : Drywall can be easily cut or drilled due to its structure. Thus, electrical materials can be easily installed.
  5. Hides the bad ceiling image: Sometimes ceilings have electrical cables, water pipes, sewer pipes, ventilation pipes. It hides the bad image of ceiling. It gives a very stylish ceiling look.
  6. It is hygienic: It does not host germs and bacteria. It is not harmful to human health.
  7. Lightweight: Drywall sheets are very light compared to other wooden sheets. It is easy to carry.
  8. Sturdy: Drywall sheets are sturdy. It does not break or crack easily. It has high strength.
  9. It’s size has standard: Its dimensions are standard. Everybody use the same sizes all over the world.
  10. Cheap: Gypsum ceiling tiles cost is less than other ceiling decoration materials. So people generally prefer it. 
  11. Resistant to fire: Researchers proved by tests that it is a fire resistant material. Drywall contains about 20% moisture. It emits steam during fire. In this way, it delays the fire.
  12. Provides sound insulation: It prevents noise from the upper floor. It makes sound insulation.
  13. High ductility: Flexible, easy to adapts to the floor on which it is installed.

Gypsum ceiling tiles are increasing its market share day by day. People prefer it as decoration material.

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