pvc laminated gypsum ceiling tiles

What Are The Best Advantages Of Gypsum Ceiling Tiles

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pvc laminated gypsum ceiling tiles
Pvc Laminated Gypsum Ceiling Boards

Vinyl Coated Ceiling Tiles Models

With the development of their lifestyles, people want their living areas to be more stylish and ostentatious. Beautiful paintings applied to the walls can now be applied to ceilings as well.

The most used product for the decoration of ceilings is vinyl covered gypsum ceiling tiles

There are many Pvc laminated ceiling board manufacturers in our country. The properties of Pvc Gypsum Ceiling Tiles differ. However, in general, tiles are produced to a certain standard. The whole world practices on the same standard.

What are the Standards of Pvc laminated gypsum board and T grid Suspended Ceiling Systems?

Pvc Gypsum Ceiling Tiles are mounted on the ceiling thanks to t-grid suspended ceiling. t-grid suspended ceiling systems are a special product designed for this. Metal screws are mounted vertically to the ceiling. Carrier systems are attached to these screws. Gypsum Ceiling systems are also placed on carriers.

The size of the tiles is generally 595mmx595mm. In other words, it is 60cmx60cm. All metal carriers are produced in accordance with this size. Vinyl coated gypsum ceiling tiles are placed in the slot on metal carriers. It can be removed, changed, and put in its place whenever required. It is very easy to install.

Dimensions of the Tiles

The Pvc laminated ceiling tiles generally preferred by our customers are 7mmx595x595mm and 8mmx595x595mm and 8mmx595mmx595mm. Each of our packages includes 12 carousels.

Where else are metal carriers used?

The general task of metal carriers is to mount the suspended ceiling system to the ceiling. It is not used elsewhere. However, products other than tiles can be mounted on metal carriers.

Gypsum suspended ceiling tiles are the same size. It is produced as 595x595mm. It is obtained by covering a PVC film on a plastic surface. The usage area is very wide.

In addition, aluminum suspended ceilings can be mounted on metal carriers.

Dimensions of aluminum suspended ceilings are 595x595mm.

Another product that was popular and widely used many years ago is stone wool. Stone wool suspended ceilings are less preferred today.

Laminated gypsum ceiling tiles models, which are used in many areas, are generally used in the houses we live in. In addition, many workplaces give their spaces a stylish look with suspended ceilings. Different models are presented for many areas such as a bathroom, kitchen, and living room, and shapes are applied to the ceilings according to the taste of the user. By offering separate models for factories and offices, it is ensured that the places where we spend most of our day look stylish.

Vinyl Covered Gypsum Suspended Ceiling Systems

Vinyl faced gypsum board models are produced to relieve a load on your ceiling as an alternative to the old model grids. These systems, which have many types, have models for many places. You can order these products, which are produced both to reduce the load of the ceiling and to offer a more pleasant appearance, from companies that sell many decoration products.

These products, which are recyclable products, do not need to be painted. Karopan suspended ceiling models have thermal insulation and sound insulation features. In this way, it saves energy. These ceiling systems are used in businesses that need a lot of energy. These ceiling systems used stand out because they are easy to clean.

Karopan Panels

These ceiling systems replace traditional plaster ceilings. The reason why Karopan suspended ceiling models are preferred more than other plaster ceilings is that they are installed once. These completely maintenance-free products also prevent moisture. These systems, which are not affected by any water, are the number one suspended ceiling systems with their protection and safety.

Since Karopan suspended ceiling models have a wide color range, they not only change the appearance of the ceiling but also greatly change the appearance of the house. Since it is a high-level insulation material, it contributes greatly to energy saving. It is effective not only in thermal insulation but also in sound insulation due to the fact that they are empty inside. When used in noisy businesses, these products prevent the spread of noise.

Features of Suspended Ceiling Systems

Suspended ceiling systems are not used only for the purpose of visual beauty. These systems have many useful features. Suspended ceiling systems have many features. The most striking feature is that it is lightly durable. These systems are lightweight as well as durable. Due to its lightweight, it can be easily mounted on ceilings. It is easy to find suitable part sizes when mounting. Unassembled suspended ceiling systems have bright and smooth faces. Thanks to this feature, it provides a beautiful view to the environment it is in. It is possible to find ceiling models in the color you want with many color options. These recyclable systems are nature friendly. You have the opportunity to supply the ceiling systems, which have many advantages compared to many systems, from decoration companies.

There is a wide variety of vinyl laminated gypsum ceiling tiles designs found in many bathrooms today. With this variety, it is possible to obtain special vinyl coated ceiling tiles for each bathroom. The biggest advantage of PVC laminated gypsum ceiling panels is that they are not affected by various humidity and water in any way.

pvc laminated gypsum ceiling tiles
pvc laminated gypsum ceiling tiles

As it is known, the ceilings of old-style bathrooms are constantly affected by water and take a lot of damage over time. Swelling and shedding occur with this damage. However, bathroom pvc laminated gypsum ceiling boards designs produced with the latest technologies today prevent these problems and are not affected by water and humidity in any way. It helps to transfer the moisture inside.

film coated gypsum ceiling boards
film coated gypsum ceiling boards

There are many types of pvc laminated gypsum ceiling tiles designs. The majority of these varieties are composed for each person to choose according to their own taste. Pvc faced gypsum board ceiling tiles, which can be found in every color and pattern, not only make bathrooms look much more elegant, but also provide long-lasting use.

pvc laminated gypsum ceiling tiles
PVC laminated gypsum ceiling tiles

As in old-style bathrooms, the problems of corrosion and shedding of the ceiling over time are not experienced in suspended ceilings. Vinyl covered gypsum ceiling tiles models are quite diverse at this point and can be produced for every bathroom. Suspended ceilings produced by the customers’ own requests can also be manufactured in the desired designs during the production phase. Thus, complete customer satisfaction is ensured.

Usage and Advantages of Pvc Laminated Gypsum Ceiling Tiles

If we look at the majority of today’s use of suspended ceilings, we can clearly understand that there are so many types. Suspended ceilings are now used during building construction or bathroom restorations rather than old-style ceilings. Pvc laminated ceiling boards designs also provide benefits in terms of appearance by using them in various productions.

Another shortcoming of the old-style ceilings was that over time, water came from above. If it was lived in the apartment, there was water leakage from the bathroom in the upper apartment. Due to these problems, suspended ceilings were developed and a much more useful and comfortable ceiling model was produced.

Pvc laminated gypsum boards, which have developed in terms of industry, are now produced from a much stronger material. Suspended ceilings, which do not suffer from problems such as breakage or wear, can be easily attached and removed. Various easy-to-install ceilings among bathroom suspended ceiling models have been on the shelves for a long time.

Another reason why the use of suspended ceilings is important is that there are no problems such as breaking the ceiling in any installation change. The suspended ceiling is easily removed and the operations are carried out, and then the suspended ceiling is reinstalled. At this point, all the operations are carried out comfortably without incurring costs such as the construction of a ceiling again.

It should be said that there are all kinds of patterns and colors in plastic suspended ceiling models. People who want to install a suspended ceiling in their bathroom can easily install a suspended ceiling suitable for the concept of the bathroom at this point.

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