Wooden Ice Cream Sticks

Wooden Ice Cream Sticks is one of our main product. Quality of Wooden Ice Cream Sticks is very and price is very competitive.

wooden ice cream sticks

wooden ice cream sticks

Ice cream is one of the best magic for hot countries in the summer days. Not only hot countries, cold countries are also consume ice cream. Because of this, consumption of ice cream is not depended on the whether conditions or season. But in hot seasons, consumption level will increase. 

Who Consume Ice Cream

The first and best consumer of ice cream is of course small kids. They always like ice cream and push their parents to buy ice cream to them. Same time, parents will buy for themselves and consumption will increase.


Benefits Of Ice Cream

Ice cream, which is thought to cause throat diseases because it is consumed cold, is actually a very useful food source. Ice cream, which is rich in calcium and phosphorus, is one of the building blocks of bone and also contains minerals such as magnesium, sodium, potassium, iron and zinc. Food experts recommend that we consume ice cream in the winter.


History of Ice Cream

Ice cream has a 400 years of  historical past. First Ice cream recipe, came from china lands to europe by european sailors. Known that this sailor was Marco Polo. Initially the Italian people began to consume ice cream. Later, the ice cream, which was known in France, reached the continent of America in time. Today, every point of world know and consume ice cream.

Ice cream sector is very in all over the world. And every year it is being growth. In last year, total revenue of ice cream sector is more than 65 billion usd. This is very huge amount and people are happy to consume ice cream.


Wooden Ice Cream Sticks


Ice cream means , ice cream stick. In fact wooden ice cream stick is always like a ghost and nobody see it. Only eat ice cream and throw away the ice cream stick. But there is a ice cream sector in the world. There are too many manufacturers and ice cream companies should procurement ice cream sticks.



We are ice cream sticks supplier and exporter. We export to all over the world. Our quality is very good and prices are competitive.

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