Camouflage Jacket

Camouflage Jackets and coats

Cinaroglu Foreing Trade is manufacturer and exporter of camouflage jackets. We can manufacture only camouflage jackets or as a set of camouflage jacket, camouflage pants, caps and camouflage t-shirts.



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Technical specifications and details of products.

Camouflage Jacket
Camouflage uniform(Shirt-Pant)
Rıpstop/Gabardin Fabric Types
Cotton/poleyster Mixtures;
100% Cotton
65/35 Cotton/Polyester
60/40 Cotton/Polyester
50/50 Cotton/Polyester
85/15 Cotton/Polyester
220-300 gr/m2
All Nation Camo Designs
Production under National Specs


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Phone: +90 531 9883631


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